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All the Things you can do at Dinokeng Resort

At Dinokeng Resort, we're all about having fun, making memories and sharing experiences with our lovely guests. Dinokeng Resort has a lot of things to keep you busy, whether you're still a child or an adult. We have supertubes, heated and cool pools, play area for the kids and more! See all the detail of our activities offered at Dinokeng Resort below.

Massage Spa

Magical Massages or Nail Treatments!

To make your holiday experience as amazing as possible, we offer a Spa. Our massage therapist will crank up some relaxing music and make you feel like you are a completely new person.

Bird Watching

Do you think you've got a keen eye for Bird Spotting?

Dinokeng Resort is home to an array of stunning bird-life and if you have the skill and focus required, you can share in the experience and spot or hear some of the most beautiful birds in the Resort. Walk down to the Boekenhout river and enjoy a peaceful time while snapping some photos of the stunning birds.

Beautiful Picnics

A serene, relaxing Picnic Experience

If picnincs are your thing, then this is the activity for you. Dinokeng Resort offers a beautiful spot for you and your partner to share a perfectly crafted picnic platter in the warm African afternoon.

Vlak Vark Drink Gat

Just because you're in the Bush doesn't mean you can't share a Brandy by Bonfire!

We know how it gets sometimes. Coolerboxes can empty very quickly when you're having fun but Dinokeng Resort always has you covered. The Vlak Vark Drink Gat is THE spot for Dinokeng Resort guests looking to kick back and have a few beers, brandys, cocktails or shooters. Whatever gets you going!

Walking & MTB Trails

Take our unmarked trails for a relaxing walk or bicycle ride amongst the bushveld of Dinokeng Resort.

Short, scenic strolls and fast-paced mountain bike trails make Dinokeng Resort a great choice for those who still want to keep moving and explore the bushveld while they enjoy their holiday. Dinokeng Resort has amazing winding trails that make their way between wild buck spread all over the resort.

Bass Fishing

Relaxed fishing does good for the soul

Dinokeng Resort is situated on a river and so anyone who's up to it can try their luck in catch and release fishing. Please note water may have run dry in dry season and it would be good to confirm with reception if the fishing rod should come along.

Self Catering



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